There is infinite upside to art. The first public art project of the metaverse, B.20 redefines the experience and ownership of art.

B.20 bundles The Beeple 20 Collection - one of the most historic and valuable art projects in the NFT (non-fungible token) space - along with the VR monuments it lives in. The ownership of this bundle has been fractionalised into the B20 tokens. The bundle itself is immutable, unless bought out entirely, by anyone with the requisite DAI and B20 tokens.

The experience will remain open. The ownership - in part or in full - is yours for the taking


Total Supply: 10 Million
B.20s Sold: 3.8 Million
Proceeds (in DAI): 1276364
Keymasters as on launch: 557

B.20 is not a social token. It is not a utility token. It is simple, and the first of its kind. It gives the holder exposure to the premium NFTs in the B.20 bundle. Exposure to the infinite upside that the art, and the experience of art, represents. You can engage with the token on multiple levels.

Yield Farm

B20-ETH Uniswap Pool
LST-ETH Uniswap Pool
$HRIMP-ETH Uniswap Pool

Bundle Buyout

The B.20 bundle can be bought out by anyone, with a minimum bid of $12 mn, in which case all B.20 holders receive the proceeds, pro rata.

An Epic Bundle

The Art & The Builds

Artwork like this needs an equally epic place to “live.” That’s why Metapurse built not one, but four separate Beeple 20 Museums in CryptoVoxels, Decentraland, and Somnium Space.

See the entire B.20 bundle

Imagine being able to not only own some of the art in the MoMA, but also a piece of the MoMA museum itself and the land it sits on. Visitors and viewers would become shareholders. This novel type of art experience infused with art ownership is exactly what we did with the B20 token.

Everything; the corresponding NFTs of the twenty pieces of first-edition cryptoart from The Beeple 20 Collection, the four B.20 Museum builds in the metaverses, and an exclusive soundtrack of the entire experience by 3LAU, were bundled and tokenized into the B20 tokens, allowing token holders to share and own a valuable piece of cryptoart history.

B.20 Museum Coordinates
Somnium Space


The largest virtual event the metaverse had ever seen. Nearly 3,000 participants across Cryptovoxels, Decentraland and Somnium space experienced a seamless celebration, piping in visuals and audio, running scavenger hunts, listening to exciting speakers, and launching a token!


The biggest revelation of B.20 was the collaborative energy of the metaverse.Some of the best professionals from around the world came together to make this ‘mega production’ come to life. We put smart contracts to work. Zero spend on legal fees or accounting.




Architecture & Build

Voxel Architects

Token Engineering

Grow Your Base



Portal Tech


Merchandise Partner

Meta Factory

Experience Partner


Event Partner




Executive Producer



Who the F is beeple? Beeple is an NFT crypto artist who, in his own words, “designs shit.” Notably, Beeple has stood out by creating one insane piece of cryptoart every single day for the last 13+ years, having never missed a single day.

Before entering the NFT space, he worked with top companies and artists, such as Louis Vuitton, SpaceX, Apple, Justin Beiber, Katy Perry, Marshmello, and more. Many have recognized him as building a bridge between the mainstream art world and the burgeoning cryptoart realm.

In the recent Beeple Everydays: The 2020 Collection auction, Beeple sold roughly $3.5 million (in primary sales) worth of art: an unprecedented number that trumped the previous NFT art drop records that stood at less than $1 million.

This record-breaking moment signifies a pivotal point in the entire NFT ecosystem being recognized as exceptionally high-value and on par with, if not exceeding, the traditional art space. Just as a rising tide lifts all boats, this event - even the acquisition phase - will surely bring more artists, creatives, collectors, and investors of all types into the ecosystem.